MOTIV – vision and aims

As a trading company, the activity of Motiv ADV OOD is divided into three main directions - graphic design, production of home and office products and selling through online platforms, owned-by-Motiv online stores and B2B. Thanks to many years of experience as an advertising agency, the company currently creates unique designs that aim to satisfy each specific requirement of the clients. With the help of subcontractors, Motiv turns these graphic designs into variety of products, including high-quality textile wallpapers, self-adhesive and standard, different types of bedding sets, personalised yoga mats made of natural rubber and Alcantara, poofs, decorative cushions, curtains, table covers, and more.

Motiv is a partner and distributor of foreign manufacturers and importers in Bulgaria. After gathering years of experience in the online-sales through many different platforms such as EMag, Amazon, Etsy and its own online store, Motiv started to position its product range for global delivery to North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, with the help of DHL as a courier. The company has established a comprehensive order management and shipping system.

Using the best of its advertising agency background, Motiv organises online advertising campaigns to position products in the commercial network.

12 online stores

Worldwide delivery

17+years experience

Partners & Trademarks

Motiv ADV is important partner and distributor of the company Alganta. Motiv is focused in organising and implementing online promotion and positioning for all products of both companies. Motiv supplies major retail chains in Bulgaria, including Technopolis, Vimax, Technomarket, and others. The company continually expands its commercial network, delivering goods wholesale not only to large retail chains but also to medium and small retailers in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Italy, and other European countries.

Motiv owns registered trademarks at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and represents trademarks of other companies.



ShopyLand is Motiv's overarching brand for a range of products. The same name is used for the leading online store within the group. This online store offers a vast array of product categories and aims to bring together various brands like WallpapArt, CoolBedding, 3D Wall, TriedThings, Kids ShopyLand, and others, giving the customers a quick and simple access to all products.

ShopyLand is on the web through platforms like, Amazon, Etsy, and EMag.

With the WallpapArt brand, Motiv sells premium-quality wallpapers using the online market. Printed on standard and innovative materials such as Gekko-Tex – matte, self-adhesive fabric textile. A team of graphic designers creates original designs for different interior solutions, from classic to the recently popular industrial design.

WallpapArt products can be found on Amazon, Etsy, and

CoolBedding, registered on Etsy in 2016, was Motiv's first online store. Initially it created on designer and personalized textile bedding sets and has ever since expanded to include other textile categories like curtains, table covers, decorative cushions, and yoga mats. The printing technology used is heat transfer, which is completely safe for people and the environment. CoolBedding is a registered trademark of Motiv.

The product range is available on Etsy, Amazon, and

Smart Wing is deflector for air conditioners. It was the first product developed using industrial design techniques and put into production in 2018. The brand is registered by Alganta OOD and Motiv serving as the main distributor worldwide. Smart Wing has been produced in quantities exceeding 100,000 and sold from North and South America through Europe to Australia. It redirects the airflow from a working air conditioner to improve comfort in the conditioned space.

This product can be found on and Amazon.

3D Wall, a wall panelling system, is a trademark of Alganta OOD, and Motiv is exclusive distributor for Europe and the rest of the world. The product is innovative, without analog in terms of quality and design, yet very easy to install. Within a few months, it has been delivered to more than 10 countries in and outside of Europe.

3D Wall is available on, Etsy, and Amazon

Tried Things is another brand of Alganta OOD, acting as a unifying brand for various types of products. Under this brand, the company develops and offers designer items, accessories, and interior articles. Tried Things aims at quality, unique design, functionality, and attention to detail. Motiv establishes Tried Things’ branded products in the online market.

Online presence at, Etsy, and Amazon

One of the latest developments by Alganta's research and design team are these easy-to-ignite, smokeless barbecue briquettes. These coals ignite with just one matchstick, thanks to the easily ignitable and harmless plant extract. The time from opening the package to a hot and ready barbecue is less than 20 minutes, without any kindling or chemical substances catalysing the burning process.

Motiv is the exclusive representative for BBQSpot in Bulgaria and Europe, and the products can be found on


Motiv ADV OOD is a company established in 2012. Over the years, it has become a leading advertising agency with a strong team of graphic designers. Mainly the strive for the development of the design team led the company to transition from the advertising field to graphic design for products manufactured from textiles, wood, paper, and other materials. Since 2016, the company has ventured into online trading, selling products through its own production and as a distributor worldwide.





Motiv's development is based on the years of self-criticism and the strive to do better. Thanks to this fact, our mission is to create and offer products, characterised by their quality and technical features that stand out with uniqueness. All products manufactured and offered by the company are designed with the idea of simplifying daily life, bringing visual joy through a simple, yet perfect design, and providing functionality that others do not offer. Attention to detail is a leading factor in our work, from the moment of design through production, packaging, delivery, to customer service.





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