We at MOTIV believe that the concept of design runs much deeper than basic aesthetics. Over the time, have proven ourselves as the de facto benchmark for creativity amongst our competitors in the areas of graphic design and print advertising, corporate identity, and outdoor advertising. We also create stunning examples of 3D illuminated and regular billboards, vehicle branding, advertising in print media, interior design elements, web design and implementation, domain, hosting and optimization. 

   MOTIV has a team of highly qualified designers with a wide range of interests and specializations, which enables our clients to choose from many distinct desing ideas and products. We strive to constantly come up with new ideas for the print media, outdoor advertising, and new techniques to allow you to present yourself and your company to your customers.

   MOTIV has its own production facilities for the various outdoor advertising elements. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality components, a claim backed by our 2 year warrany.